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Frequently Asked Questions (for proxy owners)

  1. Proxy submission guideline
    1. Only submit a proxy website.
    2. Do not submit proxy top site, proxy template site, proxy blog or such. Only proxy site is allowed.
    3. Do not submit free domains (.tk,, or such).
    4. Do not submit sub domains such as (,, or such).
    5. Do not submit broken / dead proxy.
  2. Backlink
    Our valid backlink formats are (exactly)

  3. Payment
    We accept PayPal as payment method. Usually, payment is processed within less than 48 hours.
    Payment is expected max 3600 hours after your submission.
    There will be no refund if your link is removed permanently by our crawl checking system (see crawl checking section).
  4. Payment time expectation
    After you have ordered a paid plan, payment is expected for 24 hours max after form submission.
    Otherwise, we will remove your submission and you can submit again.
  5. Proxy crawl checking
    We regularly crawl all proxies which are listed in our website to :
    1. Check whether the proxy is dead or not. Dead proxy will be temporarily deleted our list.
    2. Check proxy speed. We will overwrite the old proxy speed data.
    3. Check backlink (if required). Proxy with invalid backlink will be temporarily deleted our list.
    Temporarily removed proxy can be restored back to the list automatically. See restoration crawl.
    If a proxy is temporarily deleted, you can not submit the same proxy again. Because it is considered exists but hidden.
  6. Proxy restoration crawl
    We regularly crawl all temporarily deleted proxies.
    If the problem has been resolved (the proxy is alive or the backlink is valid), your proxy will be on the list again.
    If a proxy is temporarily deleted for a long time (about one week), we will remove it permanently and you can submit the same proxy again.
  7. Temporarily deleted proxies
    We list temporarily deleted proxies here with the deletion reason.